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Digital Marketing and SEO Company in Chennai

Welcome!!!!. Metaforum Solutions was established to cater for the online marketing needs of SMEs in Chennai and across India. We are now a leading Digital marketing and SEO company in Chennai. We provide Integrated Digital Marketing solutions for our clients. We also provide Digital Marketing & SEO training in Chennai to entrepreneurs and students.

Digital Marketing and SEO company in Chennai
Digital Marketing and SEO company in Chennai

Digital Marketing Services

As a leading Digital marketing and SEO company in Chennai, we offer following services to our clients

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (Adwords / PPC)
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Re-Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation & Integration(tools)
  • Integrated Digital Marketing

Setting up Sales/ Conversion funnel

Sales / conversions cannot be achieved only by higher search engine rankings or Adwords ranking. We implement complete sales / conversion funnel for our clients and we usually follow these 3 steps to achieve this.

  • Lead Generation - Through high organic (SEO) rankings / Adwords / Highly targeted Social Media ads / Landing pages, Chat bots, Messenger bots, Exit Intent pop ups etc
  • Lead Nurturing - Through Email campaigns( Fully automated based on Time/ User activity etc), Re-Targeting/ Re-Marketing across multiple channels (Including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp etc), Push notifications, Drip Content blog marketing, Social Media engagement etc.
  • Lead Conversion - Through number of growth hacking techniques, online/offline events, Automated webinars, Front end offers, Downsize options, back-end sell offer etc..

Being the best Digital marketing and SEO company in Chennai and having interacted with 100's of SMEs, we very well know that one solution doesn't suit all. For Ex: Lead generation techniques for a e-commerce company will not be suitable for a offline service company. We sit with clients , understand their requirements, budgets etc and offer the best solution that is also financially viable for our clients.

Digital Marketing companies in Chennai
Digital Marketing Services

1. SEO

2. Adwords 
3. PPC
4. SMM / SMO
5. Email           Campaigns
6. ORM
7. Re-Marketing

email marketing companies in Chennai
Email Marketing Services

1. Building Email list
2. Setting up         automated       campaigns
3. Drip Campaigns

seo companies in Chennai
SEO Services

1. SEO Audit
2. On Page SEO
3. Off Page SEO
4. Link Building
5. Content writing
6. Corporate         Blogging

social medial marketing companies in Chennai
Social Media Marketing

1. SMM for Lead      Generation

2. SMM for Lead       nurturing

3. SMM for ORM     

Our clients

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Why Metaforum Solutions?

Metaforum Solutions is the Best Digital marketing and SEO Company in Chennai.  We provide complete 360 degree Integrated Digital marketing solutions for our clients. We provide solutions that gives best ROI for our clients.  Here are some reasons why we are the best

  • Fast Organic rankings through our unique SEO strategies
  • Guaranteed laser accurate targeting of audience via multiple platforms (100% laser accurate targeting)
  • Land page optimization for lead collction
  • Guaranteed solutions to engage leads and nurture them
  • Guaranteed conversion solutions
  • Automation and integration of various tools. 
  • Training clients to independently work. 


Excellent Company for lead generation and nurturing. Facebook Ad experts. Highly recommended. I am quite satisfied with their work. 

                                    -- Viji Jagadeesh 

                                -- Managing Director / Mitraa Group of Hostels 

We would like to thank Metaforum Solutions for their Knowledge Transfer (KT)  and consultancy on various aspects of Digital Marketing.  Cost effective and out of the box solutions for our educational app.

                                       -- Nithya

                                    -- Associate Manager/ at Myantara Solutions Pvt Ltd

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