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Email Marketing Training in Chennai

Metaforum, located in Vadapalani, Chennai, offers the best Email Marketing training in Chennai. Even after tremendous growth of Social Media, Email continues to be number 1 choice for Digital Marketers. In this course we will cover various aspects of Email Marketing including ROI, Campaign statistics, bounce rates, reporting, handling spam, pricing models, popular tools etc with case studies. Email marketing has huge job potential and it is an unassailable marketing tool. It is also a very major component of Digital Marketing. Considering its importance we decided to offer Email marketing training in Chennai as a separate course. Also please note that it part of our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai Course.

email marketing training in Chennai
email marketing training in Chennai

Advantages of Email Marketing & Why you need Email Marketing Course?

The major Advantage of Email Marketing is ROI and accuracy. Email marketing provides the best ROI and it is cheaper among all the marketing tools. With availability of more SaaS based email tools, price is getting even more cheaper. It is a favored marketing platform not only because, it is cheaper, also because it is extremely accurate. No other marketing platform is as accurate as email platform, You know exactly whom you are targeting, which is not accurate in other platforms. Trust us. We are one of the leading bulk email service provider in Chennai, and we can tell with confidence that Email marketing is the most favorite platform for online marketers. There is lot more to email marketing than to send random emails. You need to learn about choosing right tools, setting up campaigns, choosing templates, building email list, generate statistics and reporting etc. You need professional training from people who have done this. that is why we decided to offer Email Marketing course in Chennai.

Even before enrolling for this course, you can check the demo here. Please visit our SEO Training in Chennai, page. Enter your details and register. From that moment you will continuously receive set of 20 emails which are all automated. Which email you see depends of whether you open our email, whether you click links in our email etc. Please proceed and register. You will understand power of Email Marketing. P.S: These are all automated emails based on time and workflow action which is delivered in drip feed basis.

We Teach factors responsible for Success and failure of Email campaign in our course

We are the only Email Marketing Training Institute in Chennai, that teaches students factors that makes Email campaign successful. We identified two major factors that leads to success or failure of a email campaign, that includes quality of the email list and content and template of the emails in the campaign's funnel. Trust us, we run a leading Digital Marketing and SEO company in Chennai and before we start a email campaign for our clients, first thing we do is to start a campaign to build email list and the next thing is to build series of high quality email contents for our funnel using mostly plain text template, as it make sure deliver-ability of mails in inbox rather than spam or in promotion folder.

Other factors that determines success or failure of email campaigns are frequency of emails, subject line, personalization, degree of customization, ability to avoid spam words without compromising on link bait headings, sender name, drip set up, auto res-ponders, etc..

Email Marketing Training in Chennai Syllabus

  • History of Email Marketing
  • Popular Email Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing Pricing Models
  • Templates for Email Marketing
  • How to write click bait subject lines
  • How to write content without spam words
  • Spam Policy of major email tools
  • Personalization and customization
  • Automation
  • Drip Feeding
  • Statistics and Measures
  • Integration with Website and other 3rd party tools
  • Embed forms
  • Social share buttons in Email
  • Reporting
  • Case Study

By far, we are the only email marketing training center in Chennai, that offers this kind of comprehensive course coverage.

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Job scope and Opportunities for Email Marketing professionals

It is all right, that you enroll in a institute that offers email marketing training in Chennai, now what is the use if you don't have job opportunities and scope. Actually most of the agencies don't really distinguish email marketers from other digital marketers. Email marketing is part of Online Marketing as a whole. Having said that, exceptional email marketing skills will always fetch you top notch digital marketing jobs. Below sample job trends from indeed website is a testimonial to the demand for this skill.

email marketing job trends in chennai
email marketing job trends in chennai

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We teach how Email marketing is integrated with Sales funnel in our Email Marketing course

If you see most of the successful marketing strategies , the goal of SEO/ Adwords/ Re-targeting campaigns will be the collection of email ids from the customer. One reason is that your cannot always rely on re-targeting platforms sch as Social Media because it is very costly. So to repeatedly reach customer at very regular intervals, it is better to use email campaigns, since it is very cheap and more accurate. Also it kind of creates personalisation with customers. For Ex: We use following strategy for course enrollment. You might click our best SEO training center in Chennai page as a result of SEO or Adwords campaigns. You may or may not register for the course immediately. What we do is re target you across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, GDN etc. The goal of these re-targeting campaign is to collect your email id. Once it is done, you will not see our ads in social media. Instead we will target you via our highly customized and automated email campaigns. This saves us lot of time and cost. Please check that yourself. That is why we included this integration in our Email Marketing Training in Chennai course.

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List of Email Marketing tools used in our Email Marketing training course

In order to deliver practical email marketing training as part of our Online marketing course in Chennai we use number of tools, to give wider picture to our students. Even in our SEO Company in Chennai, we use popular tools like Email Octopus and Zoho campaign to acquire leads and nurture them. Here is the list of popular tools , we use in our Email Marketing course.

  • Email Octopus
  • Zoho Campaign
  • Mail Chimp
  • Get Response
  • Sendy
  • Mailer Lite
  • Gmass
  • Gmail Tracker etc

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Drip Email Marketing as part of our Course

We are rated as the best institutes that provides Email Marketing training in Chennai, because we are the only institute that offers drip marketing in this area. Drip marketing is a type of marketing where content is delivered at different point of time rather than dumping them at the same time. According to our trainer who is a leading digital marketing expert in Chennai, "drip marketing these days is not only based on time but also based on user actions like open rate, link clicks etc. It is much more complex automation workflow". Some of the features of Drip Email Marketing are

  • Scheduled delivery based on time
  • Scheduled delivery based on user actions
  • Scheduled delivery for loyal customer list in-terms of open rate
  • Intelligent reporting system
  • Deep level of list segmentation
  • Intelligent auto responder etc.

One of the most popular drip marketing email tool is Plaess check for the various features of that in their free trail plan.

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In Our Course, we teach to build quality email list

Success of a Email campaign is directly proportional to quality of the email list. Keeping this is mind, in our Email Marketing course in Chennai, we allocate a special module on building quality email list. One mistake any email marketer must avoid is to send spammy emails to random people by buying email id ids from 3rd part database vendors. Even if you happen to posses quality email database, don't directly start sending spammy emails. Custom target them in social media like GDN, Facebook, LinkedIn etc and make them subscribe to your email list.

"Best way to build email list is through landing page optimization and long tail keywords SEO. It might take long time to build bigger email list using these strategies, but you will get high quality list which will lead to better conversion. If you want faster results, you may use Facebook to build email list".

                                 -- Sankar, SEO Expert in Chennai

We teach following email list building strategies in our course

  • Landing page optimization
  • Long tail keywords
  • Using Facebook
  • Using eBooks, Quizzes, Webinar courses etc.
  • 3rd party database vendor (not advisable, but we will teach you how to minimize the risk using this technique)

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Different Pricing platforms of different Email Marketing tools is also covered

Different email tools follow different pricing plans and categories. We are considered the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai, because we teach even these small nuances int the trade. Most institutes teach only tools as tools. We are the only Email Marketing Training institute in Chennai that trains students on plans, pricing, building email list, integrating it with sales funnel etc. We normally teach tools that follows following pricing pattern

  • Pricing according to subscribers like email octopus, zoho etc
  • Pricing according to email sent like sendy, mailer lite etc.
  • Pricing for additional automation like

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Course Includes Email Campaign Measures

It is not only enough to have knowledge on various email marketing tools, it is equally important to measure the success or failure of email campaigns, so that existing campaigns can be fine tuned to improve the results. Keeping that in mind, our email marketing training center in Chennai include these statistics, measures and reporting of email marketing campaign as a separate module. These were practical hand-on training derived from our experience in making our institute as the best SEO training center in Chennai, where we used email campaigns to drive more enrollments. These measures and internal reporting helped us a great deal. So we included our experience and industry standards to teach following measures and reports to our students

  • Open rate
  • Click through rates
  • Link clicks
  • Shares and forwards
  • Life time value
  • A/B testing
  • Best Time to send emails
  • What we can do with higher open rates

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