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SEO Company in Chennai

Looking to increase organic ranking of you websites in search engines like Google, Bing etc? You are in right page!!! We are the best SEO company in Chennai providing accountable service to our clients. We use only white hat SEO techniques to bring organic search results for our clients. We provide weekly and monthly reports to our customers. These reports will be transparent and it provides road-maps to our clients. Our strengths are organic link building and corporate SEO content writing. we have successfully produced first page organic rankings for 100's of keywords. We have also provided SEO training in Chennai for 100's of entrepreneurs and freelancers and helped them rank their websites organically.

SEO Company in Chennai
SEO Company in Chennai

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important aspect of a SEO campaign. As one of the best SEO Company in Chennai, we provide following keyword related services

  • Give Insights into level of search volumes for different keywords
  • Identifying suitable long tail keywords for faster results
  • Suggesting keywords

Once project is taken up, we will do even detailed keyword analysis.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is very important for search rankings. Without proper competitor analysis, it will be very difficult to start a SEO campaign. Remember to achieve organic ranking, you need to score better than your nearest competitor. ( For Example: SEO ranking is like school rankings. To be in first rank , you need not score 100%, you need to score 1 % more than second ranked guy. Similarly to rank in first position of Google , you need to do at least one or two things better than second position. That is why it is important to analyse second ranked guy i.e competitor analysis. ). As one of the leading SEO companies in Chennai, we offer following competitor analysis services

  • Identify competitor
  • Identify keywords that can be used to outrank your competitor quickly
  • Competitor back link analysis
  • Competitor social media presence
  • Competitor link building strategies etc..

Note: A general scale to measure the competitiveness is the bid value in the Google Adwords tool. The higher the bid amount the higher is the competition for SEO rankings.

On-Page Optimization

During the first month, we will be performing following On- page activities to boost your ranking. Being a leading SEO company in Chennai, we assure you that effective On page strategies will bring you must faster and sustained organic results. So, during first month, we do the following On page activities

  • Complete SEO audit
  • Optimise Title Tag to increase click through rate
  • Optimise Meta Description to improve click through rate
  • Optimise Meta keywords
  • SEO friendly URLs and Domains
  • Optimise contents for keywords
  • Optimise content structure
  • Image optimisation (including alt tags)
  • Video Optimization
  • LSI keywords and content optimisation for it
  • Proper optimisation of header tags ( From H1 to H6)
  • Do follow and No follow link utilization
  • Identifying and removing broken links
  • Effective optimisation of Sitemap and robots.txt
  • Preserving link juice strategies
  • Effective use of inner links
  • Effective use of 404 error page
  • Effective use of 301 redirects ( if we can url of existing pages)
  • Effective use of canonical tags
  • Optimisation of Footer area (including Copyright info and other local SEO infos)
  • Optimising Keyword density
  • Effective use of Long tail keywords
  • Effective use of Social links and Social share links
  • Optimising www and non www versions
  • Eliminating duplications
  • Optimising size
  • Adding supporting content for SEO etc..

Off page SEO

While On page SEO improves the relevancy of content, Off page SEO improves authority of your website / content. Both relevancy and authority are important for search results. So, taking this into account we offer following Off page SEO activities

  • Directory Submission
  • 2 way / 3 way pyramid link building
  • Creating authority links
  • PDF submission
  • PPT submission
  • Info-graphic submission
  • Citation building
  • Blog post commenting
  • Social post sharing (in popular social media sites)
  • Social bookmarking
  • Forum Submission
  • Article submission
  • Q & A submission
  • Video submission etc..

SEO Reports

Being the best SEO company in Chennai, we take pride in transparency of service we provide. We provide weekly and monthly reports to our clients. These reports are not just information. We do analysis with clients on these reports and derive or change action plan for coming month if warranted. Note: We will be sending action plan for our clients at the beginning of every month.


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