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Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai

Looking for inbound internet marketing solutions for your business? Looking for highly innovative, cost effective online growth hacking strategies for your company? Then you are in the right place. We are one of the leading Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai, offering Integrated Online marketing solutions services to our clients. We provide highly targeted, measurable, cost effective online growth hacking solutions to our clients. We help our clients in areas like Lead Generation, Lead nurturing and lead conversions across various platforms (Both Organic and paid). We helped over 100+ clients cutting across various domains like Real estate, e-commerce, Banking, Finance, Travel industries, Education etc in their Digital marketing needs. We have also provided Digital marketing training in Chennai for 100+ entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai
Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai

Integrated Digital Marketing

We are one of the few companies that provide Integrated Digital Marketing Services in Chennai to the clients. We don't see Digital Marketing as separate areas like SEO, Social media ads etc.. For us, Digital Marketing is all about Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing & lead Conversion. We setup complete automated sales or conversion funnel for our clients with above 3 steps i.e

  • Lead Generation - Through Search Engine Optimization / Adwords and highly targeted social media ads
  • Lead Nurturing - Through Re-marketing & automated drip email campaigns.
  • Lead Conversions - Through case by case customized growth hacking techniques

Online Marketing Services

As one of the leading Digital Marketing companies in Chennai , we provide following services to our clients

  • Search Engine Optimization (SE)O): Complete SEO audit for website, Competitor analysis, Keyword research, Over 200+ On page & Off page optimization including link building and content writing. We are a leading SEO company in Chennai.
  • PPC/ Adwords: Includes Ad copy, A/B testing or split testing, Click bait titles, avoiding competitor clicks, landing page optimization, monitoring, Reporting, conversion optimization.
  • Social Media Marketing: 100% targeted lead generation social media campaigns across multiple platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc with guaranteed results. Again this package includes Ad copy, A/B testing, click bait components, conversion optimization. Note: By 100% targeted campaign, we mean exactly 100%. Nothing more. Nothing less. Guaranteed results.
  • Email Marketing: Setting up automated email campaigns, building email list, customized sign up forms, carefully avoiding spam components, drip campaigns based on time or user action, integration with your CRM/ Google sheets via zapier, monitoring, reporting etc.. In fact we are a leading bulk email service provider in Chennai.
  • Re-Targeting: Also called as Re-marketing. This package involves setting up pixels, tag managers etc in your website, keeping track of website visitors, monitoring their activities, creating customized ad campaigns targeting them to engage and eventually convert them. Again this packages involves running your Re-targeting campaigns across multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Display Network, YouTube, Instagram etc.
  • Online Reputation Management: This package involves handling your social media, setting up support desk, branding, handling negative comments & feedback etc.
  • Lead Generation: Setting up Chat bots, messenger bots, Landing pages, Customizable CRM forms (through Zoho creator), exit intent popups etc..
  • Marketing Integration & automation: Automating & Integrating various tools above for better productivity and costing using various tools like zapier and marketio etc.. For ex: Landing page will be integrated with email tools which in turn will be integrated with SMS platform and APIs that generate social media audience

Digital Growth Hacking solutions

What we provide to our clients is not comparable with any other Digital Marketing agency in Chennai. Because we not only provide individual services like SEO or Adwords or Social Media marketing solutions, we also provide growth hacking consultancy to our clients, like

  • We help clients create product/service best fit
  • We help clients optimize their sales funnel by including digital components at every step of the funnel
  • We help clients with Pull and Push techniques to bring in more customers.


Excellent Company for lead generation and nurturing. Facebook Ad experts. Highly recommended. I am quite satisfied with their work.

                             -- Viji Jagadeesh 

                                -- Managing Director / Mitraa Group of Hostels 

We would like to thank Metaforum Solutions for their Knowledge Transfer (KT)  and consultancy on various aspects of Digital Marketing.  Cost effective and out of the box solutions for our educational app.

                                       -- Nithya

                                    -- Associate Manager/ at Myantara Solutions Pvt Ltd

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