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Placement success Q & A with Keerthna - Our Digital Marketing & SEO course placed Student

Keerthana . P, completed Computer Science and Engineering at University College of Engineering, Tindivanam in 2017. She completed Digital Marketing Training in Chennai from Metaforum Technologies. [July 2017 to August 2017] & successfully got placed in a Chennai based company as Digital Marketing executive.

Keerthana's offer letter
Keerthana's offer letter

Here is a quick Q & A session with Keerthana

Q: You are from CSE background. Why did you choose Digital Marketing & SEO as your career?

A: Right from my college days, I am fascinated by how Google ranks various WebPages in their search results. I always wanted to know about Google algorithms. Whenever we need a product or service or any information, what we do? We naturally search Google right? So naturally, I had a curiosity to learn more about Google’s Algorithm. That curiosity created an interest in this field for me and later joined SEO Training in Chennai

Q: Why did you choose Metaforum Technologies for your training?
   A: Once I decided to join a Digital Marketing and SEO course, I narrowed down on three institutes and went to their places and took demo classes and interacted with trainers. I was more satisfied with Metaforum because of the in depth course coverage, placement record, individual attention and expert training.  Also Metaforum’s course is very light on the budget. Besides I had the opportunity to get directly trained by Mr.Sankar, who is a leading  Digital Marketing consultant in Chennai

Q: How long was the course?
        A:  Actual course took about 40 days. And another 2 weeks were dedicated for interview preparation. Totally it was about 2 months.

"I choose Metaforum Technologies because of the in depth course coverage, placement record, individual attention and expert training.  Besides I had the opportunity to get directly trained by Mr.Sankar, who is a leading Digital Marketing consultant himself. "

                -- Keerthana

                -- Digital Marketing Consultant

Q:  What you think is Metaforum’s Digital Marketing course highlights?
        A: They booked a live website in day one of training. So, whatever I learnt in the course, I actually blogged about them right from day one. It really helped me in terms of content writing. Second, they recorded all their classes and gave to us at the end of class. It helped me during interview process to revise and recollect concepts. Third, they provided live internship during the training itself. That helped me in terms of understanding how industry really works. For me these are three highlights about their course.

Q: Tell us about your internship experience?
        A: I was given two internships during the course. One for VISA Pvt Ltd and another one for Mitraa group of hostel, Singapore. They were direct clients of Metaforum Solutions, one of the leading Digital Marketing companies in Chennai. I took internship under Hari Sir. During this internship I learnt a lot about lead generation and lead nurturing. Besides I also learnt a lot about conversion rate optimization.

Q:  Did you find any difficulty during training in terms of understanding concepts?
        A: No difficulty at all. In-fact I liked their practical training. Our trainer used to help me to set up accounts in various platforms like Adwords, Amazon SES etc.  Whenever I asked any doubts, it was cleared in crystal clear manner. Besides since they are one the best Bulk Email service provider in Chennai, they sat up a free SES account for me to send up-to 1 L email per month freely. 

"For me Course Highlights  were Training with live website, Recordings of classes and internship during the training. "


                    -- Our Digital Marketing Student.


Q: How long it took for you to get placed after the course?
        A: One week. In-fact I got a interview during the last week of training itself for Finoculus ( I was referred to that job by one of the senior digital marketing student from Metaforum Technologies. ) . Since I was not properly prepared, that interview didn’t go well. But I got a job in my second interview. And in another two days, got one more job offer and took that because of monetary reasons.

Q: How Metaforum Technologies helped you for placements?
        A: Once the course is over, there were 7 days of vertical interview preparation. It is like one day for On page SEO, One day for Off page SEO, One day for Adwords etc. So I was thorough in terms of interview questions preparedness. Another 3 days were allocated for consolidated mock interviews, where I was drilled with questions from CV and internship. Apart from helping me with interview preparation, I was also referred to various companies for placements. More importantly I was trained-prepared and guided well for this job. My trainer Mr.Sankar sir will always tell me to write blogs in my website. I understood the importance of that only during my interview. I got my current job only because my employers are satisfied with my blog. Thanks to him.

Q: What is your future plan?
        A: I will like to sharpen my SEO skills in this current job. Besides I will continuously write technical articles in my blog and try to monetize it. My goal is to work as Digital Marketer in product companies like Zoho and Freshdesk. Once I develop skills in my current job, I would want to work in a world class SaaS Product Company.

"Metaforum Technologies provides the best SEO training in Chennai. Since they run a SEO company in Chennai, their training was practical and industry relevant. Besides SEO, they train students in integrated Digital Marketing with automation. So I will definitely recommend this course. "

                    --- Keerthana

                    -- Digital Marketing consultant


Q: Will you recommend Metaforum Technologies for Digital Marketing & SEO training?
        A: Of course I will. It is the best Digital Marketing & SEO training center in Chennai by far in comparison with others. So I will not have 2nd though recommending Metaforum Technologies for this course.

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