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By: CEO | June 06, 2017

5 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook  is one of the most popular Advertisement platform for Digital marketers and Business Owners. In this write up, we are going to specify 5 common Facebook advertising mistakes and possible solutions for them. So, if you are planning to take Digital Marketing Training in Chennai, This article might be of real use to you.

  • Targeting: Most people tend target "All customers in a location". It might not be accurate for most of the businesses. You should try "people currently living in" option for more accurate results.
  • Customer Acquisition: Don't hope that you can acquire customers by simply running a Facebook ad. It doesn't work like that. However accurate your targeting be, it will not work out. Use Facebook only for Retargeting.
  • Interest: Never target your Facebook audience by their interest. It is getting spammed every single day. If at all you need to target by interest, at least , target with multiple interest using narrow audience.
  • Repeat audience: Don't show your ads to people who purchase your service or product repeatedly. It might irritate them. Probably you might exclude audience who liked your page or audience who visited your thank you page.
  • Placement: have seen people running same ads in all places like mobile device, desktop, Instagram, right column etc.. Never do that. Create separate ad copy for different places to create impressive ads.

So, if you going to start a Facebook campaign and hire a consultant who offers Digital Marketing Services in Chennai, make sure he/she has in dept knowledge in this area and able to reach correct audience.