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By: CEO | June 06, 2017

5 Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook  is one of the most popular Advertisement platform for Digital marketers and Business Owners. In this write up, we are going to specify 5 common Facebook advertising mistakes and possible solutions for them. So, if you are planning to take Digital Marketing Training in Chennai, This article might be of real use to you.

By: CEO | December 08, 2016

3 Proven strategies

Digital marketing can never replace traditional marketing like newspaper ads or TV Promotions when it comes to movies production and marketing. But, if used strategically, it can compliment traditional marketing very well. As part of the best digital marketing companies in Chennai, we suggest following 3 methods to effectively promote movies. 

By: CEO | December 03, 2016

Target Facebook Customers by interest

As far as Facebook advertising is concerned, Targeting customers by interests is one of the popular strategies. But the disadvantage is Facebook interests are getting spammed by paid click these days. But, nevertheless, sometimes we cannot avoid targeting customers by interests. In this blog post, we will suggest you few strategies, that will prevent your ads from these spam clicks, which otherwise is wasted clicks.  

By: CEO | December 03, 2016

Re-target Customers using Facebook 

One of the most popular Facebook Advertising strategies is Facebook Targeting by Customers interests. Ex. You can target Customers who is interested in Online advertising.