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By: CEO | June 03, 2017

SEO : Authority Vs Relevancy

SEO is all about authority and relevancy. If you are planning to take SEO Training in Chennai, we would suggest to learn it from authority and relevancy point of view also along with On page and off page concepts.

In this article, We will write about Relevancy and authority for a web page.


The content you include in your web page must be relevant to the keyword that is being searched by the users. For ex: A user might search for Top 10 Digital marketing course. You might have a high quality website and you might be a Top Web Design training provider. Your web page will not rank for top 10 digital marketing course, because it not relevant to the search term. Even though you have quality website, it will not rank if relevancy factor is not there.


As, the name implies authority brings authenticity to your website. It brings popularity to your website. Let us assume there are 20 digital marketing training providers in your city, your web site will rank only if it has authority. What brings authority? Well, lot of things. To name a few, Number of shares in social media, number of backlinks, number of direct searches etc..


So, if you are looking for SEO services in Chennai, Make sure your agency gives equal priority to both relevancy and authority. Then only result in terms of ranking will be in long term.

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