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By: CEO | June 06, 2017

SEO Career Opportunities

In this article, we are going to specify various SEO career opportunities. If you are looking for SEO Training in Chennai, please go through this article before taking a final call on your career path.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of On page and Off page activities that brings a web page in top of search rankings for a search term. With use of internet going up every day,more and more people rely on search engine for answers to their queries. Naturally, business will want to rank their pages on top of search rankings for better customer acquisition. SO the scope for SEO career is naturally good. .

Top 5 SEO career options

  • SEO analyst in a Company: To start with you can join as a SEO analyst in a product or service company or in a digital marketing agency. Here you can learn the trade and various business process.
  • Freelance SEO Analyst: After having gained some knowledge in SEO trade, probably you can register in various freelance sites like,,, etc and look for freelance SEO projects. Alternatively you can create a website and try to rank it for freelance SEO positions.
  • SEO agency: After having delivered as freelance SEO analyst for few years, you can start your own SEO agency.
  • Affiliate marketing: Great SEO skills is the prime source for affiliate marketing. You can select an niche area and make revenue through affiliate marketing and branding ads with strategic partnership.
  • Lead Generation company: Again you can put your SEO skills to start a lead generation company like

So , if you are looking for SEO services in chennai, make sure you see these qualities with your consultant, so that you get quality service.