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By: CEO | December 03, 2016

Re-target Customers using Facebook 

One of the most popular Facebook Advertising strategies is Facebook Targeting by Customers interests. Ex. You can target Customers who is interested in Online advertising. 

Target by interest

Unfortunately, targeting by interest is getting increasingly spammed every day because of paid clicks. We suggest you not to go Target by interest unless otherwise you have more number of targeting factors and refine it extremely well. Refer our blog on Best Facebook Target strategies by interest.

Facebook Re- Marketing

We run a Digital Marketing Company in Chennai. For most of the clients, we suggest to use Facebook only for Re marketing or Re targeting their customers. 

So, What is Re marketing?

Re marketing is showing to your ads to customers who alreadyknow about your business and services. Currently most popular Facebook Re Marketing Strategies are

Website Visitors

Custom Audiences

Custom Audience

Facebook ads for Website visitors

This is the most efficient Facebook advertising strategies. You will show ads only to the customer who visited your website and say not yet purchased or subscribed. The major challenge in this technique is driving quality traffic to your website. You can do this with some SEO Companies in Chennai or any other location of you preference.  Alternatively , if you want quick results, you can use services of any Digital Marketing companies in Chennai or any location of your choice to set up a nice Google Ad campaign. 

Once You got desired traffic either way, by organic technique like SEO or via Paid services like Google ads, You can efficiently re target visitors via Facebook website visit campaign. You can target customers who visited you website from 1 day up-to 180 days via  Facebook Re marketing ads.

Target Website visitors

Facebook ad for Custom audience

Custom audience targeting is one of the most popular Facebook ad strategies. Suppose if you have a list of customer email ids and Mobile numbers, you can easily target them via Facebook custom audience.  But cost for this ads tends to be ridiculously high compared to others. 

Custom audience target


So, the bottom line is generate quality traffic to your website either via seo or via google adwords and then re target the traffic using Facebook custom audience for website visitors. That is the best facebook advertising strategy for now, especially for small business.