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By: CEO | December 03, 2016

Target Facebook Customers by interest

As far as Facebook advertising is concerned, Targeting customers by interests is one of the popular strategies. But the disadvantage is Facebook interests are getting spammed by paid click these days. But, nevertheless, sometimes we cannot avoid targeting customers by interests. In this blog post, we will suggest you few strategies, that will prevent your ads from these spam clicks, which otherwise is wasted clicks.  

Target by interest

Use narrow audience

As, you are aware, we are one of the Best Digital Marketing companies in Chennai specializing for SMEs. One of our clients, a training copany wanted to run a Facebook Ad campaign for Software Testing course. Natuarally, if they target customers by interest i.e via Software Testing, they got lot of clicks , even lower cost per click. Unfortunately, conversion is not good. The obvious reason is lot spam clicks. So, we improved performance by including some additional interest. 

Target by multiple interest

Use Exclude audience

So, naturally if you use multiple interest via narrow audience , you can restrict lot of waste clicks. To optimize more, we suggested our client to use exclude audience also. In , this case, we suggested them not to target people who are already software test engineers. In this case, ad will only reach people who is interested in Testing but not yet a test engineer. 

Exclude Audience

Bottom line is, you have to target audience by interest with narrow audience and exclude audience features to

  • reach correct audience
  • to reduce wasted clicks
  • to increase conversion


Once you drive traffic to website using Facebook ads via interest, it is necessary to re-target customers who clicked your ads. You can refer Facebook Re Targeting.  This is very essential to increase conversion.


To create efficient Facebook ad campaign target audience by multiple interests + Narrow Audience + exclude audience + Re-marketing.