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By: CEO | December 08, 2016

3 Proven strategies

Digital marketing can never replace traditional marketing like newspaper ads or TV Promotions when it comes to movies production and marketing. But, if used strategically, it can compliment traditional marketing very well. As part of the best digital marketing companies in Chennai, we suggest following 3 methods to effectively promote movies. 

Google adwords for movies

You can use adwords to fight privacy. Ex: If some is searching for free online movie X download, you can make sure your ads running for that keyword and appeals to audience to book tickets in theaters. 

YouTube for Movies

You can create nice promotional videos or positive reviews from celebrities who watched promo shows and show these ads to popular review videos in YouTube as targeted placement. 

Facebook Live for Movies

Of course, You can use the Facebook Live to create Live polls, interviews and promotions through celeb pages etcc and engage with audience. Later you can use Facebook Retargeting to market your movies.